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Top Tips for Better Bird Photography

Top Tips for Better Bird Photography

I often get asked what are my top tips for bird photography? In reality there are innumerable ways to take great bird images and each photographer ...
The Dos and Don'ts of Photographing Pelagic Birds

The Dos and Don'ts of Photographing Pelagic Birds

What is a Pelagic bird? 'Pelagic' means 'related to the open sea'. A pelagic bird, therefore, is a bird that spends the majority of it's life on t...
Bruny Island Wilderness Cruise

Bruny Island Wilderness Cruise

  Earlier this year, my parents and I took a three-hour morning wilderness cruise (Pennicott Wilderness Journeys ) along the coast of Bruny Islan...

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"The best photographers have a visual approach that is as unique as a signature and here it is poise, peace and subtlety that set them apart. Displaying broad photographic ability and creative vision, this photographer showed that you dont need to scream to be heard - they got our attention with a whisper"

Judges' comments, Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 (Portfolio Prize)

We came across Georgina's wonderful photos in an exhibition while on vacation in Australia.  ...We ordered online and within short the photo was delivered safe and sound to our doorstep. Very happy about the quality print and the online shopping experience. 

John, Norway

Hi Georgina, I collected my framed print of the albatross today and wanted to let you know how absolutely beautiful it is. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous piece of art, and also for all your help and patience with my request for a custom sized print. The enlargement is perfect for our family room wall, it makes a real statement when you walk in the room. I love it! Thanks again

Lucy, Western Australia